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Digital Science Fiction

Your brain will thank us.

Digital Fantasy Fiction

Not just swords and sorcery.

Digital Horror Fiction

They're here . . .

Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.

Welcome to the home of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. We publish primarily speculative fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. We also dabble in crime and other fiction when we find great stories that need a good home. We curate, polish, and publish first class stories from professional writers and storytellers to ensure your reading satisfaction. We are very excited to be bringing fans a wide selection of exceptional original and reprint speculative and other fiction stories. Presently, stories are released as stand-alone digital shorts, daily website content (through our Quickfic category), in collections and anthologies, in digital and print editions. Pick and choose the stories that appeal to you directly, or dive into a variety of delicious tales in one of our collections or longer works.
Digital Science Fiction - All of our Digital Science Fiction titles in one wondrous place. You're sure to find a gem!
Digital Fantasy Fiction - A fantastic collection of fantasy fiction for your reading enjoyment. Not just swords and sorcery.
Digital Horror Fiction - Our latest imprint. Now available to induce night terrors before bedtime.
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