Vincent L. Scarsella

Vincent L. Scarsella is the author of speculative, fantasy, and crime fiction. Since May 2013, he has published three crime novels, “The Anonymous Man,” and “Lawyers Gone Bad,” from Aignos Publishing, as well as the young adult fantasy, “Escape From The Psi Academy,” Book 1 of the Psi Wars! Series released by IFWG Publishing in May 2015. He has also published numerous speculative fiction short stories in print magazines such as The Leading Edge.

Winning is Everything: A Lawyers Gone Bad Novel (Lawyers Gone Bad Series Book 3)
Return to the Psi Academy (Psi Wars! Book 2)
Still Anonymous (The Anonymous Man Book 2)
Within a Dream (Digital Fantasy Fiction Novella)
Escape From The Psi Academy (Psi Wars! Book 1)
The Messiah
Memento Mori: A Digital Horror Fiction Anthology of Short Stories
Operative Sequence: Digital Science Fiction Anthology (Digital Science Fiction Short Stories Series Two Book 4)
Killers: Digital Science Fiction Short Story ( Science Fiction Short Stories)
Personal Injuries (Lawyers Gone Bad Series Book 2)
Ctrl Alt Delight: Digital Science Fiction Anthology (Short Story Collection Book 7)
The Anonymous Man

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