1. Laurel Amberdine

    Nice! That’s really cute.

  2. I actually like it, the kerning makes it a bit difficult to read however.
    There are many font faces that would work better, and tie in the Sci-Fi theme.

    A different color for the “beam” making up the letter “I” would help as well.
    Adding a good color combination can make a (no pun intended) WORLD of difference. Otherwise, It is a very eclectic and attractive logotype.

    Well done, Cheers! Bryan (Nyrhalahotep) Hardbarger

    Twitter @Nyrhalahotep
    Web: blueboxdesign.net

    • Hello Bryan

      Thank you for the comment and even more for the suggestions Bryan. We have a couple versions with colored beams and even one with explosions. In then end we settled on the above clean and simple version. I think the font change suggestion is something we will explore also. Mike

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