Digital Science Fiction Turns To RocketHub For Crowdfunding

We’re trying something new (to Digital) called Crowdfunding! We are optimistic (hopeful/wishful/delusional) that through the awesome power of crowdfunding we can launch Digital Science Fiction Anthology 5 sooner rather than later. You can check out our new RocketHub crowdfunding project right here: RocketHub Digital Science Fiction Anthology 5

Crowdfunding is based on the belief that the power of many small contributions in aggregate can become significant. There are a few different variances of crowdfunding – some are purely donation based, others are rewards based. We believe that for the Digital the rewards-based model is the way to go. All of the rewards are listed on the RocketHub project page.

We prefer this to outright donations because it’s more personal, and we’re able to offer a little something in return. Of course, buying the books is also a great way to fund new books! No matter what though, here at Digital we will continue to strive to produce and publsih original and remarkable science fiction.

This is such a crazy idea, it may just work…

Please, spread the word and share the link to the Digital Science Fiction Anthology 5 funding page at RocketHub:

Cheers — Michael

p.s. How cool is it that the crowdfunding source is RocketHub. It’s like a match made in space. And remember: in [cyber]space, no one can hear you [beg].

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