First Contact Author And Story Line Up

I’m very pleased to present the First Contact – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 line up:

  • Ian Creasey — How I Lost Eleven Stone and Found Love
  • Ed Greenwood — Biting a Dead Man’s Hand
  • Ken Liu — The Caretaker
  • Jennifer R. Povey — Masks
  • Rob Jacobsen — Hera’s Tempest
  • Edward J. Knight — Roanoke, Nevada
  • Jessi Rita Hoffman — Nectar of the Gods
  • Kenneth Schneyer — The Tortoise Parliament
  • David Tallerman — Black Sun
  • Curtis James McConnell — Pop Quiz
  • Editor — Jessi Hoffman
  • Cover — Emmanuel Xerx Javier
  • Design — Peter Barlow

We know you are going to enjoy these original science fiction short stories as much as we did. Watch for Anthology 1 in early June.

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