Galaxiki Fictional Galaxy Sure To Entertain

by Michael Wills

Galaxiki is the award winning fictional galaxy that is created, maintained, and owned by its Community. Galaxiki has just undergone a big update with over 100 new features.

Each star, each planet and each moon in the Galaxiki online galaxy is represented by a wiki page that can be edited by site members. Users can make changes to solar systems, add creatures and write stories. The new version (July 2011) offers more than 100 new features. You can edit most of the solar system physics, add or edit planetary rings and there’s a new search engine.

What’s more, it’s also a social network and web 2.0 site for everyone interested in science, science fiction, and space. New social networking features including solar system ratings and comments, bookmarks, user awards and user status updates.

Go have a look at Galaxiki. Membership is free.

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