Great Opportunity to Assist a Science Fiction Powerhouse! Join Tangent Online and Rule the . . .

Tangent OnlineLooking to hone your skills as a writer, get a feel for the good the bad and the possibly ugly, or enjoy some great science fiction reading while giving back to the science fiction literature community? Tangent Online ( is looking for reviewers to expand its review staff. We think this represents a great opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new science fiction and fantasy and to help interested readers connect with some of the best short science fiction (and perhaps avoid some of the not-so-good).

Tangent Online provides insightful, in-depth coverage in a vast area of the short science fiction and fantasy field. Their long running ambition, and efforts, see the fanzine digging into publications and authors from start-up magazines featuring the possible science fiction and fantasy professionals of the future, to the most established, long-running, award-winning magazines and talent the genre has to offer.

Current works under their watchful, and critical, eye include but are not limited to: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s, Analog, many on-line and electronic publications, and original and reprint collections and anthologies.

Enthusiastic applicants must have English as a first language or be able to exhibit an equivalent knowledge of English if not their first language. A knowledge of the science fiction and fantasy genres is a must. Review experience is strongly recommended, but Tangent Online will work with the right person if the required level of experience is lacking.

Attention to detail, the ability to follow simple instructions, and to meet deadlines are also a must. Examples of previous written work of any kind are welcomed but not necessary.

Tangent Online is considered a fanzine and is not a paying market; reviewers give of their time, energy, and expertise for love of genre, and to promote the often overlooked short story field. Your contribution won’t be rewarded in crude dollars and cents, but in the satisfaction of having participated in the critical review of a great form of science fiction and fantasy story telling – the short story. Helping fans and potential fans discover great science fiction, honing your critical analysis and writing skills, and supporting the industry are your substantially more meaningful rewards.

If you think you have what it takes, love science fiction and fantasy, and want to get involved with fresh stories and ideas, then go ahead and apply for the open review staff positions at Tangent Online. Just write to the editor, Dave Truesdale, at: tangent.dt1(at)gmail(dot)com, or visit this link to Tangent Online’s site for more information:

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