Hic Sunt Dracones – Digital Fantasy Fiction Anthology

Dust off your dragon stories. It’s time to “releash” them on the world in the first DFF Dragons anthology. No word on publication timing as this will depend on the quantity and quality of reprint short story submissions.

Dragons – bad-ass dragons. Dragons that destroy things and eat people, and the people/robots/aliens/time lords that fight them or out-smart them – or get eaten by them. No story book dragons that live in forests helping orphans or peddling psychedelics. My dragons eat orphans for breakfast. Timeline and setting is wide open. Your dragons aren’t necessarily getting stabbed by swords – but swords are welcome too. I want dragons – awe inspiring fear provoking monsters. They can be mechanical, mystical, steam-powered, alien, aquatic, from another dimension, or from outer space — but they must be terrifying beasts of destruction. Here be dragons.

AUTHOR SUBMISSION DETAILS: Submittable’s Hic Sunt Dracones Page

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