Pressure Suite Is Number 1 Best Seller in Science Fiction Anthologies

Pressure Suite - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3

Amazon Bestsellers

At the moment (6:00 a.m. EST on September 14), Pressure Suite – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 is the number 1 bestseller in the Amazon science fiction anthologies category for Kindle books. We’re thrilled with this very positive early response to Pressure Suite. We know it’s a great collection and we’re hoping you think so too. Hopefully it will stick around at or near the top of the list for awhile. — Michael

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  1. Wow! With even just a little push Therefore I Am could make the number 2 spot right behind Pressure Suite. Sadly, First Contact is on vacation way down there at number 14 on the list. We will be promoting Pressure Suite over the next few weeks, so maybe all three of them can rally up to the top. 🙂

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