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About Curtis James McConnell

Technically, Curtis James McConnell is BB King’s half blood-brother. He has held a hundred weird jobs, including phone actor, standup comic, secret shopper and croupier. He has also eaten a hundred weird foods such as reindeer hot dogs, muskox, pumpkin ice cream, home-ground horseradish, ostrich and kangaroo. He has been to all fifty United States and ventured into Mexico and Canada. The guy gets around.

He welcomes correspondence. His email provider is, cjm.fanbase5 goes before the @.

Besides being duly honored (his words) to help launch Digital Science Fiction’s First Contact, he has been or is soon to be published in:

Bibliography (partial)

The Real Deal – Issue#1 of The Rag Literary Review

Bust – WTF?! Anthology – Pink Narcissus Press

Bare Bones – Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations Anthology

A Mouse in the Meadow and Where Dwells the Taphephobe – Spirit of Poe fundraising anthology for the E. A. Poe museum in Baltimore

Pop Quiz – First Contact – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1


You can learn more about Curtis James McConnell by visiting his author page at

Digital Science Fiction Publication(s)

First Contact Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 Cover

First Contact - Story: Pop Quiz

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