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Ken Liu

Ken Liu

Ken Liu has made a living by writing for a long time: both by writing for machines as a programmer and by writing for lawyers as another lawyer. He finds writing fiction for readers to be more challenging than either of these pursuits.

When not working on his fiction, he translates Chinese stories into English, codes iOS apps, and reads to his daughter. Occasionally, he’ll also repair old typewriters and obsolete computers.

His fiction has appeared in F&SF, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among other places.

His short story, Caretaker, appeared in Digital Science Fiction’s own First Contact.

Ken lives near Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, artist Lisa Tang Liu, and their daughter. Lisa and Ken are collaborating on a novel.


The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary – Panverse Three, Panverse Publishing, 2011

Tying KnotsClarkesworld, 2011

SimulacrumLightspeed, 2011

The Paper MenagerieF&SF, 2011

The Box That Eats MemoriesDaily Science Fiction, 2011


To find out more about Ken Liu, visit his Blog, Ken Liu, Writer.

Digital Science Fiction Publication(s)

First Contact Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 Cover

First Contact - Story: Caretaker


  1. And to add to Ken’s bibliography: his story “The Countable” is in this month’s Asimov’s. He even got listed on the cover! Congratulations, Ken!

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