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In one of my earlier articles here at Digital Science Fiction, “Marvel Cosmic, Part 1: Annihilation, or Marvel Comics Rediscovers the Cosmic,” I began to take a look at comics in the science fiction genre.  I am retroactively bringing them together under the banner of “Science Fiction Comics,” so that fans of graphic literature can easily find them when looking for their latest fix.  For readers searching for more science fiction comics and graphic novels, I hope that you might take a look at the previous articles related to this: “Marvel Cosmic, Part 1: Annihilation, or Marvel Comics Rediscovers the Cosmic,” “Zot! and the Cozy Science Fiction Future,” and “Lee and Cho’s Phantom,”  all found here at Digital Science Fiction.

In this article we will be exploring four science fiction series appearing in the last five years.

Space Doubles

Space Doubles, first appearing in 2008 from Th3rd World Studios, combines horror and science fiction in each issue.  Every installment of Space Doubles features two horror/science fiction stories, billed as a double feature.  The first issue set the standard with two excellent tales.  “Red Rain” written by Mike Raicht features a team of astronauts sent to the moon after the world witnessed something large crash land onto it.  However, what the astronauts find is worse than anyone feared.  “Project Obeah” by written Leah Moore features a team of scientists trying to colonize and terraform a new world, only to discover a lifeform that has a bite far worse than its bark.  Later issues feature more authors, and more diverse tales, all of which are well done and engaging.  Great for fans of both horror-themed science fiction and short graphic fiction.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrated

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrated comes from Zenoscope (famous for Grimm Fairy Tales and that series’ many spin-offs), first appearing in 2010.  While not a regular series, it currently features two installments.  The first features the story “The Perfect Mate,” written by Joe Brusha.  When a down on his luck and lonely man hits rock bottom, he seeks out the services of Lifemate, a company that builds androids indistinguishable from normal people, and sells them to lonely, desperate men seeking companionship.  However, the perfect mate is not all it seems, as it wants something in return.  A fun story with a well-written, if unsurprising, ending.  The second volume features that tale of “Red Banned,” written by Tim Cox, featuring murder, mayhem, dark pasts, and plenty of violence, and is another fun entry into this sadly irregular series.

Dinowars: Jurassic War of the Worlds

A story of sheer action and entertainment, Dinowars: Jurassic War of the Worlds is written by Rod Espinosa, and first appeared in 2007 from Antarctic Press.  Before all the dinosaurs were wiped out, a group that had evolved increased intelligence left Earth.  Now, they want to come back, and reclaim Earth for their own kind.  War ensues between the invading Neosaurs and the defending humans, in all-out fashion.  Fast, fun, and engaging, this limited series is great for those looking for an odd-beat action tale.  Also available is a behind the scenes, more information on the series issue, entitled Dinowars: Extinction Files, that serves as an engaging coda to the series.

Jurassic Strike Force 5

Jurassic Strike Force 5 is a brand new series (2011) out from Zenoscope (again), written by Joe Brusha (again, as well).  The series, with only an issue #0 out, follows a group of dinosaurs that are mutated by a race of aliens to create a force a super soldiers in their war with a different alien species.  All out action violence ensues.  There isn’t much to go on yet, but so far, this one looks like a lot of fun.

Keep your eyes peeled, as there is a lot more great science fiction available in graphic format.  We will return here soon to check more out!

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