Science Fiction Movie Poll: Top Science Fiction Movies By Visitor

Okay, it’s our first science fiction movie poll. Of the following (not very exhaustive) list, we’re looking for the three movies you liked the most. Simple, right?

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Thank you for trying the poll! If there’s a movie missing that absolutely blows this list out of the water, then leave a comment, and be prepared to defend yourself. Then, we’ll add it to the poll. 🙂

Cheers — Michael


  1. aw, man, only three? Wish I could have voted for Metropolis too.

  2. Moon. The list is incomplete without Moon.

  3. There has been a terrible mistake. How could you leave out The Fifth Element?!

  4. For the love of God, you forgot Serenity.

    • I should be imediately sacked, Dave. As a devoted Buffy fan, and someone that really enjoyed Serenity, I have no hesitation adding it to the Poll. Thank you. — Michael

  5. How could you leave out Terry Gilliam’s Brazil?

    In a review in F&SF, Harlan Ellison called it the most brilliant science fiction movie ever made (or something like that — I’m paraphrasing). That by itself should be enough to put it on the list.

  6. I’m disappointed to see Twelve Monkeys but no La Jetee, the brilliant Chris Marker film that inspired it. Also, Stalker but no Solaris, a Tarkovsky that is superior, in my opinion.

  7. Alas, I voted for three, but could not vote for the best because it was not on the list. Where oh where is Gattaca?

    • Gattaca! Wow, I haven’t thought of that film for years. I do recall thinking it was fascinating. I remember the scene where they were vacuuming up DNA evidence in particular. I have no problem adding it to the list with one more off list ‘vote’. — Michael

  8. Two films absent from the list, which I’d probably have voted for, are Minority Report and Source Code. The former is the best (i.e. Spielberg-directed) example of the brilliant Philip K. Dick’s work adapted to film, and Source Code is Moon director Duncan Jones’s incredible extrapolation of a near future in which quantum mechanics, factual human brain chemistry, and cerebral computer uploads collide. Two fine examples of top-notch storytelling.

    Otherwise, the list is really stellar. I need to check out Brazil and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    • Alex, I think both of these were excellent movies. Thank you for mentioning them. If I get another push from the crowd I’ll add them to the list with pleasure. — Michael

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