(Paulie’s) Harvey’s Mom by Diane Arrelle

Imprint - Horror Imprint Logo 200wPaulie’s Harvey’s Mom
by Diane Arrelle

Paulie’s Mom studied the clothes, crusty dishes, and fast food wrappers covering the entire bedroom. She took in a breath of sweaty sock odor and said, “Damn, seventeen-years-old and still such a pig!”

She walked to the overflowing closet and started digging through game pieces, porn magazines, and sports equipment. Hitting the inside wall, she noticed the small dormer door slightly ajar. She couldn’t help but notice there were lights flickering behind it.

She bent low, pushed the door open and saw Paulie, backlit by dozens of candles, pouring red liquid onto a large star-like drawing on the wooden floor.

“That better not stain,” Paulie’s Mom shouted. ” Go get a bucket and clean this mess up!”

“Ah Mom!”


As she watched Paulie leave the room, the candles on a makeshift alter blew out with a gust of wind from nowhere. She sighed, and stepping onto the floor drawing muttered, “I’d give anything to have that boy listen to me!”

“Seriously?” A voice like a hailstorm on a tin roof said. “Anything?”

Paulie’s Mom looked at the squat figure in the dim light. “Do I know you? You one of Paulie’s stoner friends?”

“No,” the figure said and relit the candles with a snap of its fingers. “But I think we can get to know each other… very well.”

Paulie’s Mom gasped as she took in the huge fangs, the purple hairy, naked body and the short horns on top of his head. “Oh,” she gasped. “You’re a… a,,,”

“I’m a demon and I can grant your every wish, in exchange for your soul of course.”

“Every wish? Well, maybe… I mean… Paulie is a nightmare and his father was a womanizing bum. You could punish my husband? Make him suffer?”

The demon smiled, “In ways you can’t even imagine.”

“Make Paulie finally realize that I’m always right when I tell him to do something?”

“Every word from your lips will be like gospel to him.”

Just then Paulie walked in. “Here’s your bucket.”

I want you to clean up this mess.”

“Ah Mom!” Paulie whined then looked at the demon. “Whoa! It worked. Like you’re mine now, so like, kill my mom for me OK?”

“Actually I’m hers now.”

Paulie’s Mom nodded and asked, “OK, you said he’ll do everything I tell him?”

“Like gospel.”

“Paulie, you know I love you but I want you to take my place in hell, I don’t think my demon, uh, what’s your name?

“You can’t pronounce it.”

“I’ll call you Harvey then. Anyway, Harvey won’t mind.”

“Nope, a soul’s a soul.”

Paulie frowned, “No way!” but he suddenly was signing the contract that magically appeared before him.

With a scream, he vanished.
“Will he be all right?” she asked.

“Sure,” the demon said. “We done now?”

“Well, I need another son, I want you to take Paulie’s place, Harvey.”

The demon scowled, “Well all right, a deal’s a deal. By the way you cook meatloaf?”

“Only the best on Earth,” Harvey’s Mom said. “Now let’s clean up this mess and go eat dinner.”


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Author: Diane Arrelle

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