You Did This by M.J. Sydney [horror]

Imprint - Horror Imprint Logo 200wYou Did This by M.J. Sydney [horror]

Steven watched the familiar blue Camry pull into his driveway. Brittney greeted the man at the door with the same seductive smile and warm hug she used to greet him with every day.

This affair has gone on long enough. It ends now. Steven parked his own Camry next to his wife’s lover’s car. The car door slammed shut and Brittney opened the screen door, waiting with her seductive smile. Steven’s anger peaked. How dare she pretend he isn’t in there?

“I know he’s still here!” Steven knocked into her as he shoved passed. The bottle of pills rolled down the porch steps.

“Who? Steven we need to…”

“Marcus? Isn’t that his name? His car is still in the driveway.”

“Steven, that’s your car.”

“How could you do this to me? I loved you.”

“Steven there’s no one else here. We should go talk to Dr. Wellcher.”

“You want me to leave so your lover can sneak out? Hear that Marcus? I’m going to find you! You’re dead!”

“Steven…” Brittney dialed the emergency number for Dr. Wellcher. The bathroom door slammed shut and Steven locked it behind him.

“I’m going to kill you, Marcus!” Steven slammed Marcus into the wall, shattering the mirror. “You bastard! She’s my wife!” The thumping and crashing and screaming continued.


Dr. Wellcher pried open the door. Steven’s wrists bled out. His beard trimming scissors held a note to his abdomen. It read, “I loved her.” Scrawled in blood on the wall above – YOU DID THIS.


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