Digital Science Fiction Goes Quarterly

We are quietly announcing a change to the Digital Science Fiction release schedule. Going forward, for a variety of reasons but mostly because of workload, the Digital Science Fiction anthologies will be released four times per year, at the beginning of each quarter, rather than monthly. This year Anthology 3 will be published in August, as planned. Anthology 4 will be published in October, for the fourth quarter 2011. Thereafter Anthology 5 will be January 2012… and so on. We will at this time continue the ten story format, so the actual anthologies will be the same.

We’re excited about this schedule change because it will allow us to focus on two important elements. First, the quality of the books, which so far are excellent but there’s always room for improvement and the need to guard against letting things slide. Second, promotion of the books already published. The monthly schedule was not allowing for a sufficient amount of time to promote one anthology before the second and third etc. started taking up all of our time. That’s not good.

Finally, and this is perhaps a bit too forward thinking, we want to leave room for other publishing projects in the science fiction genre. This includes specialty anthologies, author specific collections, novellas, and perhaps even full novels. We’re excited about the prospects given how well Anthologies 1 and 2 are doing so far and are looking forward to giving each collection the full and careful attention it deserves.

Cheers, — Michael


  1. I’m a little disappointed (especially because I was eagerly awaiting Vol. 4), but not surprised. I thought you had set a pretty ambitious pace for yourselves.

    I just posted about this at the Writers of the Future forum. This was my comment there:

    I think that second point is pretty accurate. I barely finished Vol. 1 when it was time for Vol. 2. Hardly enough time to build up any promotional momentum. It’s an interesting difference between a regularly published anthology and a magazine. With an anthology, you want each volume to stand on its own, and sell on its own. In a sense, every volume is a publication. But with a magazine, each issue is just an issue. As editor and publisher, you do your best with every issue, but you don’t necessarily promote each issue as an event in itself. It’s a piece of a larger continuity; and when it’s gone, it’s gone, and you move on to the next issue. You might promote special issues (theme issues, double-sized issues, etc.), but you mostly promote the magazine as a whole. At Digital, they’re trying to promote each volume in its own right.

  2. That’s an interesting point on the difference between an anthology series and a magazine. I think that, for authors who end up in one of the anthologies this change is beneficial. Instead of being part of an issue that might be quickly forgotten, it IS more of an event, and hopefully will be more memorable and longer lasting in the minds of readers as a result.

    And I certainly can understand the concern about the workload getting too high for the staff when the schedule is too frequent. I’d rather it be quarterly and a maintained high quality than to have it monthly anyway. I’m a rather slow reader, and so I never lack for volume of material to read. I’d pick higher quality over higher frequency any day.

  3. Interesting.

    When do the submission windows open then for each anthology? And do you have a newsletter besides the website?

    • Hello Gregg
      There is no fixed schedule for when submissions will reopen. It all depends on how many we receive in each wave we are open, and how many of those received are a good fit for Digital.

      We don’t have a newsletter, although we have been contemplating a e-mail list for important updates. We are not planning a newsletter.

      — Michael

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