Editorial Schedule A


Digital Science Fiction

Digital Science Fiction is edited in accord with The Chicago Manual of Style and uses United States English spellings. (Submissions are accepted in British English, but items selected for publication will be changed by the Editor to American spellings with American punctuation.)

Stories selected by the Anthologist are required to go through the Digital Science Fiction editing process prior to publication. In accordance with the Anthology Agreement, writers must cooperate in the editorial process.

The Digital Science Fiction editorial process is as follows:

1. The Anthologist shall submit a story planned for publication to the Editor for editing.

2. The Editor shall perform editing consisting of:

  • Identification of any problems with word choice, clarity, sentence structure, flow, plot, story arc, dialog, characterization, content, or other substantive issues. Considerable deference will be given to the Author on style and voice.
  • Copy editing (correction of grammar, punctuation, formatting, and/or other cosmetic issues), including compliance with The Chicago Manual Style.

3. The Editor shall return to the Author, directly via email, a Word document with a Word Track Changes mark-up of all editorial changes, corrections, and comments.

4. The Author shall send to the Editor, within seven (7) calendar days, one of the following:

  • A “go ahead” email stating that all editorial changes are accepted, OR
  • A Word Track Changes “post-edit” final version of the Submission. The Author shall retain all Track Changes recorded by the Editor and work off of that edited document directly, making any comments or changes directly onto the edited version of the Submission. In any spot where the Author takes issue with an edit and/or in any spot where the Author has inserted new material (resulting in even a minor change in the text), the Author is required to leave a comment box in the margin corresponding to that revision. Submissions returned to the Editor at this stage are expected to be final and ready for proofreading. The use of Word Track Changes is Digital Science Fiction policy to facilitate the editing process. We consider it mandatory and it is in the Author’s best interest to ensure that intended changes are not missed. Failure to use Word Track Changes may result in termination of the Anthology Agreement, without payment, unless the parties have a prior agreement in writing to use an alternative to Word Track Changes.

5. The Editor shall review and remove all track changes. Digital Science Fiction reserves the right to make minor changes in the manuscript without consulting the author at this stage in the process. For the purposes of this section, minor changes means obvious grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors, spacing and layout issues,  and other amendments based on The Chicago Manual of Style editing protocol or for consistency in formatting throughout the series. For clarity, no substantive changes shall be made by the Editor without consultation with the Author and the Author’s approval. The Editor reserves the right to return the Submission to the Author for further changes as may be required; however, it is the expectation of the Anthologist that the editorial process normally be completed on the first pass. The Author shall receive a copy of the complete edited submission.

6. Following digital and print layout, the anthology shall receive a final proofread by the Editor and be returned to the Anthologist for publication. A PDF copy of the final Anthology will be provided to the Author.

7. If the parties are unable to agree with respect to required editorial changes, additions, deletions, or corrections of any kind, either party may unilaterally terminate the Anthology Agreement, without payment or further obligation of any kind. Not all editorial changes are required, and every effort will be made to come to an agreement with an author in cases of objection to editorial changes; however, conforming to The Chicago Manual of Style is Digital Science Fiction policy and is not generally negotiable.


*This schedule is taken directly from the Digital Science Fiction Anthology Agreement and is subject to change without notice.  Amended September 2, 2011.

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  1. Special thanks to Rick at http://www.ricknovy.com for his help on Schedule A. Please take a minute to visit Rick’s blog. Rick pointed out some issues that may have caused some concern or confusion for writers. We have made several changes as a result of that discussion. Thanks Rick! — Michael

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