Introducing “Picking Up Plans In Palma”

by Matthew W. Quinn

Picking Up Plans in Palma

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Hey everybody. It’s Matthew W. Quinn, author of “Coil Gun (Pressure Suite: Digital Science Fiction #3). I’ve written a second story set in the same alternate universe and Michael Wills has graciously given me a chance to promote it here. It’s a spy thriller entitled “Picking Up Plans In Palma.”

I submitted “Palma” for DSF #4, but was advised to add more overtly science-fiction content. Given how this world includes orbital bombardment and zero-gravity manufacturing, finding a way to work that in wasn’t difficult.

However, DSF went on hiatus and there were very few markets that would accept a story as long as “Palma.” After another market that was willing to consider it went on hiatus, I decided to self-publish it for Amazon’s Kindle as part of a second wave of independently-published short fiction.

So if you enjoyed reading “Coil Gun” and would like to make another foray into the world of the Afrikaner Confederation, here’s your chance. Thanks again to Michael for making all of this possible.

-Matthew W. Quinn is a freelance writer and editor based in Atlanta, Ga., USA. Here is his blog and here is his author page.

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