Heir Apparent – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 4

Heir Apparent

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Heir Apparent – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 4 (50,950 words; about 190 pages in print), is an anthology of ten original science fiction short stories from professional writers. We are pleased to present in our fourth anthology an exciting collection of new stories from established authors. Heir Apparent includes 10 never-before-published science fiction stories by Robert Lowell Russell, Brandon Nolta, George Walker, Paul Cook, Eric James Stone, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Ed Greenwood, Ronald D. Ferguson, Alex Kane, and Martin L. Shoemaker.

Our fourth edition of the Digital Science Fiction anthology series serves up a smorgasbord of terrific stories; however, each story has its own unique version of an heir, and we look forward to hearing from our readers on whether those heirs truly do represent a passing down of some type of human bond or connection. We welcome back Christine Clukey as editor for anthology 4. Thank you for your continued support of Digital Science Fiction. Enjoy.


Author and story list:

Robert Lowell Russell — Floaters
Brandon Nolta — Persistence of Memory
George Walker — To Titan on the Daily
Paul Cook — Ghostbook
Eric James Stone — A Lincoln in Time
Cassandra Rose Clarke — Hooked
Ed Greenwood — My Silent Slayer
Ronald D. Ferguson — Philosophy
Alex Kane — In the Arms of Lachiga
Martin L. Shoemaker — Father-Daughter Outing


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