Plotting War – by Chuck Rothman

Plotting War - Chuck Rothman

Plotting War – Chuck Rothman

Plotting War

Plotting War – Digital Science Fiction Original Imprint, is an original science fiction short story from veteran science fiction author, Chuck Rothman. Digital Science Fiction is pleased present this original science fiction story. We know Plotting War will entertain the most discerning readers of science fiction. Available now for purchase at

Chuck Rothman

Chuck Rothman has been writing science fiction for over 30 years, with over 50 short stories published in magazines such as Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Analog, Galaxy, Realms of Fantasy, Daily Science Fiction and in anthologies Temporally Out of Order, Futuredaze, Triangulation: Parch, and elsewhere.

His novels Staroamer’s Fate and Syron’s Fate are currently available from Fantastic Books. He reviews short fiction for Tangent Online and is involved with the Albacon science fiction convention and 2015 World Fantasy Con. Outside of science fiction, he works in IT at Siena College and lives in Schenectady with his wife, Susan Noe Rothman. Look for him on Facebook, @chuckrothman

Editorial Standards

Plotting War – Digital Science Fiction Original Imprint welcomes Christine Clukey Reece as editor. At Digital Science Fiction, we strive for technically perfect digital versions of all our e-books. Each Digital Science Fiction book is vetted for superior literary quality then subjected to comprehensive professional editing. After editing, all content is proofread before submission to layout and formatting, then again after the book is fully built. In this way we expect you to find each Digital Science Fiction e-book not only entertaining, but error free.

Closing Notes

Thank you for your interest in our second Original Imprint short story. We hope you enjoy Plotting War as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you.

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