Pressure Suite: Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3 – Story Author List

Pressure Suite - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3

Pressure Suite - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3

I am pleased to finally present the story and author list for the third instalment of the Digital Science Fiction Anthology.

This edition of Digital Science Fiction’s anthology series delves into the corners of the human psyche to push and prod and demonstrate how our species acts under varying degrees of adversity. We didn’t intentionally seek out any particular theme – it emerged and developed its own life as if it was sentient and wanted to emphatically demonstrate its existence. From the slightly humorous to an in-depth look at how the mind can fragment under intense strain, these ten stories cover the gamut of human responses to pressure.

Pressure Suite – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3, contains the following original science fiction stories from these terrific writers:

  • Coil Gun – by Matthew W. Quinn
  • 50-Foot Woman Over Redgunk, Mississippi – by William R. Eakin
  • Beyond Valhalla – by Laura J. Campbell
  • Brae na Ùrd – by R.J. Bell
  • The Blanket Box – by David Murphy
  • Pressure and the Argument Tree – by Kyle Aisteach
  • Skirmish at Heklara – by James C. Glass
  • The Crossing – by Fox Mc Geever
  • The Sun Dodgers – by Kate O’Connor
  • Son of Man – by Jason Palmer

Anthology 3 is less than two weeks from publication now. Watch for it soon!

— Michael


  1. Do you know you’ve currently got “Beyond Valhalla” on the list twice?

    • Of course, Kyle. It’s a great story, and I needed another 5000 words, so I put it in twice hoping nobody would notice. You’ve spoiled it now, so I’ve had to take the second entry off the list…

      😉 Oh, and thanks.

      — Michael

  2. I’m looking forward to this! That’s a great lineup!

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