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Jennifer R Povey

Jennifer R Povey

Jennifer R. Povey was born in a small town just outside Nottingham, England, but now lives in Northern Virginia with her Minnesota-born husband, Greg.

Her work is informed by a background that includes a BA in Archaeology from the University of York (‘Old’ York, to be precise), by living in two different countries, and by her strong interests in science, sociology, history and also the paranormal and the occult.

Jennifer’s story, Masks, was featured in First Contact, the first Digital Science Fiction Anthology.

Her hobbies and interests include horse riding and roleplaying games. Additionally, she enjoys a good debate and spending time widening her education. She also tries to get in a fair amount of travel, especially to destinations she has yet to visit.

She is currently building her business as a professional non-fiction freelancer. Also, she is attempting to make her first novel sale and dabbling in comic books.

Bibliography (partial)

The Silence


Working the High Steel and the Race

Aboard The Lady Maria

Masks (First Contact – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1)


Jennifer R. Povey maintains an author site at, which also has a link to her blog.

Digital Science Fiction Publication(s)

First Contact Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 Cover

First Contact - Story: Masks


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