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Kenneth Schneyer

Kenneth Schneyer

Kenneth Schneyer forgot he wanted to be a writer for about 25 years before being ambushed by a bunch of story ideas in 2006.  Since then, he has sold fiction to Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Clockwork Phoenix 3, Abyss & Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Bull Spec, The Drabblecast, GUD Magazine and elsewhere.

He attended the Clarion Writers Workshop in 2009, joined the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop in 2010, and became active with Codex Writers in 2011.  He has led and participated in many panels at both Readercon and Boskone.

At one time or another, Ken has been an actor, a dishwasher, a corporate lawyer, a file clerk, an IT project manager, the Assistant Dean of a technology school, and a math trainer for the Princeton Review.  Nowadays he teaches legal studies (and science fiction literature) at Johnson & Wales University, where he is Chair of the Cultural Life Series.  He has published a number of articles on the constitutive rhetoric of legal texts, concentrating on areas of discrimination, constitutional law, and contracts.

Born in Michigan, Ken now lives in Rhode Island with one singer, one dancer, one actor, and something striped and fanged that he sometimes glimpses of out of the corner of his eye.

He’s interested in astronomy, painting, brain science, feminist theory, politics, presidential trivia, ancient history, and practically everything else.  He cooks better than anyone you know.

His story, “The Tortoise Parliament” appeared in First Contact, Digital Science Fiction’s first anthology.

His story, “The Whole Truth Witness” originally published in Analog was translated and published in the Russian SF magazine ELSI published it in its May, 2011 issue.


You can learn more about and from Kenneth Schneyer on his livejournal page here.

Digital Science Fiction Publication(s)

First Contact Digital Science Fiction Anthology 1 Cover

First Contact - Story: The Tortoise Parliament

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