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R.J. Bell

About R.J. Bell

R.J. Bell, whose real name is R.L. Robinson, or Rob to his friends, was born, lives and works in the North East of Scotland.

Writing from a young age, he developed an early interest in science fiction and over the years, the genre has become his passion.

He studied a Master of Arts degree in English at the University of Aberdeen and completed an M.Litt in Creative Writing in 2011.

His first published story, Brae na Urd was featured in Pressure Suite, the third Digital Science Fiction Anthology.

When not writing, he is often out and about enjoying the landscape of his native Scotland with his black Labrador Maggie, who regularly helps him edit his work.

Prior to his publication, he focused more on mainstream literature and gave poetry and short story readings and was invited to read at the University of Aberdeen’s 2011 Word Festival.

Currently, he works as a freelance submissions reviewer and is hard at work on his first attempt at a novel, which he hopes to see published in the not too distant future.


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Bibliography (partial)

Brae na Urd (Pressure Suite – Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3)

Digital Science Fiction Publication(s)

Pressure Suite - Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3

Pressure Suite - Story: Brae na Urd

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