Science Fiction vs Sci Fi – Animated Videos

I made this for fun, and to try out the very cool Xtranormal engine:

It was simple enough to make, although I will be the first to admit my work needs, well, a lot of work.

Some of you may be familiar with the modified source material. I took liberties, of course, but you should get the idea. I’ll probably go back to the drawing board and play around with the timing of things and the dialogue. Overall it was a lot of fun to make.

Here’s a second one I made with their downloadable software tool:




  1. Nice presentation, and a nice exposition of the ongoing conflict between idea and spectacle. As much as I love idea-driven fiction, I think movies are much more aimed at spectacle. Audiences want first and foremost an experience, not just a story.

    There is a middle ground, and its name is Duncan Jones. After seeing Source Code, I’ve decided he’s the best director of intelligent science fiction movies today. (Admittedly, that’s a pretty small field.) Moon got him noticed, but Source Code is getting him NOTICED. He may have the talent to make popular SF films that are also more idea-driven than FX-driven.

    “The Night We Flushed the Old Town” exists in part because of Duncan Jones. When I first watched Moon, I said, “That is the kind of story I want to tell.”

    • Thank you, Martin.

      I happened to really enjoy Moon. More so than Source Code, actually. As for my movie career, I suspect it will be very short lived.

      — Michael

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