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First of all, sorry about this rough transition from wherever you wanted to be to where you have now ended up. Trouble with the Jump Gates? No, but we are moving off of the Digital Science/Fantasy Fiction .com domains to this new domain (digitalfictionpub.com). Why? To support our two new and exciting speculative fiction imprints, Digital Fantasy Fiction and Digital Horror Fiction, right alongside all the new (and previous) Digital Science Fiction material. All our speculative fiction titles, authors, news, and bad jokes in one convenient place — digitalfictionpub.com.

So, here you are — failed Summon Post spell and all. The Wallpaper images (with bad jokes) are all under the above Wallpaper menu link. The post you’re looking for is here (somewhere), but I’m afraid you may have to go on a short quest to find it using this sites dedicated search function on the right side of the page. Again, we’re sorry for that and recognize it’s a little crude, but the alternative was less time for new books and stories, and entirely too much time sorting out individual redirects. (Dammit Jim, I’m an indie publisher, not an engineer!)

Authors: Nothing has changed! Digital Science Fiction and Digital Fantasy Fiction are still accepting stories and reviewing the ones we have. Just follow the “Submit” menu links for the information you seek.

Thank you for visiting; find the post you wanted with the search, then check out all our great new science fiction and (now) fantasy titles. Horror coming soon!

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