The Mother Anthony by Martin L. Shoemaker

Mother Anthony

The Mother Anthony

I am thrilled to introduce “The Mother Anthony” by Martin L. Shoemaker, available now for Kindle and Kindle Apps at, from publisher Old Town Press.

“The Mother Anthony” (11,300 words, approximately 60 pages in print) tells how young teacher Bess Anthony struggles to protect her students as their damaged starship seeks out a habitable world. Can she teach them to overcome their fears? Can she teach them to survive against long odds? With help from the handsome Lieutenant Masterson, she’s going to try her best; but what will it cost them?

A science fiction adventure with a mix of romance, humor, and tragedy, “The Mother Anthony” is also a tribute to dedicated teachers everywhere. It is suited to all ages.

Martin tells me that “The Mother Anthony” was a Finalist in Writers of the Future contest. Please check it out for yourself!

— Michael

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