Variant Reflections – Digital Science Fiction Original Collection

Variant Reflections

Variant Reflections

Variant Reflections

Our newest title from author R.L. Robinson, Variant Reflections – Digital Science Fiction Original Collection, is now available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle. Published in May 2014, Variant Reflections represents the latest and greatest from Mr. Robertson and Digital Science Fiction.

From the Author:

“Science fiction has always interested me. It provides a space where it is possible to explore what it means to be human. Fantasy no less so, albeit in a sometimes radically different way and yet, both settings are as familiar to us as the time we live now.

When I set out to write this anthology, I had a clear idea in my mind of exactly what I wanted to explore. Us. Humanity and how we are malleable in ways few of us perhaps realize.

Some of the stories in this collection are dark, some are optimistic and I hope all are entertaining for those who read them.

I rarely describe myself as a writer. I prefer the term storyteller and the first job of a storyteller is to at least try and spin a tale which is at least entertaining. If they provoke readers to think, then it’s a bonus and the same is true if they stay with them afterwards.

I worry sometimes about where technology is taking us because to me, it’s almost like magic.

No one can say how our descendants will look or even if they will be recognizable to us as human. How will we look to them? How would we look to our distant ancestors?

Not everyone will like every story in this collection, but for those who find this to be the case, consider these to be freebies thrown in for goodwill.

Writing is perhaps our greatest achievement as a species, the codification of language into a structure we can understand. Fiction is perhaps the best expression of this, a demonstration of our creativity as a species.

In my work as a teacher, I enjoy showing my students just how flexible our language is. In doing so, I hope to encourage their thinking and my own. This is the purpose of story.”

You can purchase Variant Reflections now from Amazon, just Click Here.

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